What's your guess?
Every month, we have a contest for our kids to see who can guess the right number of things in our telephone booth. You can be the next winner!

Welcome To Our World!

At A World of Smiles, our mission is to provide anticipatory guidance, comprehensive care and a positive dental experience for children and parents alike. Extending dental care beyond the clinic through education of parents and children is the key to good dental habits. Knowledge of good dental hygiene practices as well as a thorough understanding of all services and options is essential to providing comprehensive care.

By providing a positive dental experience, we hope to instill a feeling of trust in both parent and child, establishing a rapport with each patient and family. It is important that children feel a sense of involvement and enthusiasm in their dental experience. This fosters a more enjoyable dental experience and allows children to feel more at ease as well as assume some responsibility in the maintenance of their own personal dental health.